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Default Re: Hello from Louisiana

It's a comfort bike, so I would go for a comfort engine with a centrifugal clutch. A 2 stroke gas engine gives off a lot of vibration and noise. You can go for electric to give a more comfortable ride, but batteries drain their power as soon it leaves the charger. There's a 1000 watt motor available in ebay that would drive the chain. It would be the most simplest way to do, but cannot use it in wet or rain conditions. But if you still want a gas engine, rear mount would be a way to go. From the looks of you frame, I think a pocket bike engine with CVT is actually a direct fit. You can find a lot of Pocket bike engines on ebay. Deciding factors on what engine you want depends on how fast you want to go and how comfortable you want your ride would be. Once you have decided what engine you want, then plan on how to mount it. This can be a real challenge with the frame design of your bike, but eventually we all find our ways of mounting it one way or another. Here is a link of some small but powerful engines which you might find helpful:
Zenoah Engines, Chung Yang Engines, and Engine Parts
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