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Default Re: My First build, done and riding

Last night I put an alloy back rack on so I can haul stuff (tools, Etc.) and I am just wondering if Ive gone too far, i do that on projects sometimes, I keep looking at it and keep wondering if I have ruined "the look".
I got my license and its a full size mc license plate, blew me away, so I mounted it off the left back axle like a harley, looks kinda cool, no I will spend the morning looking at it debating to take the rack off or not.
Started working on build #2, my sons mountain bike, Im sure it will go much smoother now that I know the ins and outs. the frame looks "frendly" for the motor mount, Im gonna go with a racer look on that one, This is as much fun as building model kits, but you get to ride it when your done.
Keep Ridin, Mark
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