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Default Re: Started by Necessity, Now I'm addicted.

Well, I mounted the 24" wheel. Sadly I could only find a knobbly off-road tire for it. I also swapped out the front wheel for a non-bent one. Now I've got a 24" on the back, and a 26" on the front. Top speed went down quite a bit. I didn't mount the speedo 'til after I mounted the 24" wheel, but I can tell that I'm not going as fast as I was before. My top speed now is 27-28 mph, but the motor's not running great. Yet again, I have the speed-based motor cut out. I can once again see the fuel frothing up in the line, so I know it's doing that in the carb bowl too. I think it's the knobbly tire on the back. I'll have to get a street tire soon.

28 mph isn't too bad, considering it's on a bike, but I can do almost that on my friction bike. Top speed on it, using the same speedo, is 29.4 mph, but that was on a flat, while pedaling along with it just to see how fast I could go. The 28 mph on the china girl (are all these chinese motors called that?) is obtained very quickly and easily. The acceleration is great! I'm still on the lookout for an affordable 26" wheel with a coaster brake though.
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