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Default Re: 80cc engine?

We're not arguing the effects of more cubic inches. We want proof that the engine advertised is actually what they claim it to be. I think all the old gear heads here will agree that "The only subsitute for cubic inches, is more cubic inches". What we have a problem with is the basic casting of the Chines 2 stroke engine as we all know them. To get an actual 80cc stuffed into it would require a larger bore, or a longer stroke and that would require a bigger cylinder or a crankshaft that is different from what every engine out there comes with.
I've yet to see anyone successfully bore a chrome plated, aluminum cylinder or build a crank with a longer/shorter stroke. Changing the connecting rod length does not alter stroke. The stroke is dictated by the crankshaft throw and cylinder volume is only changed by boring to a larger diameter. Not an easy task with an HT (Happy Time, Chinese 2 stroke) engine. Advertising claims are one thing; real world measurements are another.

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