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Default Re: For those who are interested "how does it look like inside?".

Originally Posted by multipaul View Post
Was it the cage of the bearing or was it the spring of the seal that caused the damage?
It's hard to tell. But for sure - first of all cage was hardly broken.
Than it broke spring and sealing.
I suppose that it was mounted with to heavy hammer, and completly without attention.

Just - "Hit it, and it's OK".
That's the way they work in China. No matter how good is your work, point is to do as much as possible in shortest possible time !!! Tragedy....
But, they are cheap ! Anyway, real price comes later...

For a hundered percent, damage was caused by a "little chinese human being" who was putting my engine together in the factory.
I'm not a racist. But in my opinion, someone who was mounting together my engine in a Chinese factory, was for sure definitely brainless.

In a time that I was working on my engine, I had sent so many "f.cks & s.its", that probaby will be enough for all Chinese people.
Sorry for all Chinese people - try to make your work works better as a final product.
Originally Posted by multipaul View Post
You made the bearing seats with the center punches tighter. If this is necessary its a good trick.
It might be not necessary. But for sure, it won't damage bearings. May only help.
Besides, I used special glue to hold bearingns where they should be.

I'm Pole - not Chinese. I think different way than they do.
"If something is worth doing, do it properly - otherwise, better just don't touch it !!!"


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