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Default For those who are interested "how does it look like inside?".

Hi everyone.
If you are interested how does Chinese engine look like from inside, pics are especially for you.

I had bad luck buying my engine kit. Engine was broken - not properly mounted. I decided not to send it back. It's Chinese technology - no one can guarantee that another engine is gonna be 100% OK.

I repaired it on my own. Had to change the ball bearings. One of them was not even fit properly (first pic), the other one (second pic) was mounted being already broken or was hardly damaged during montage.
Happily for me, seller came out as a honest man (I bought it by net). After I send him photos of dismounted engine, he gave me back a little bit over half price that I paid.
So, that was OK with me.

While bringinng it back to life, took some pics. I'll share them with you, if you don't mind.
If you do mind - simply, just close this threat...

... ... ... ... ...

There are two more pics. Check at ImageShack.
Stupid rule of "5 pics limit" did not let me show them to you.

I use external server (ImageShack US), my pictures are not heavy for this site.
What for is this limit for me? I don't understand.


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