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Smile Re: Is This the Fountain of Youth?

Yes it is............welcome to the fountain

Originally Posted by ChetsJug View Post
Garage Inventing! Is there anything better?? I built mini bikes and go carts when I was a kid. Dad taught me what duct tape and bailing wire was for. He grew up on an Idaho farm and knew all the tricks for having fun with no budget. LOL I went from mini bikes to dune buggies to 4WD's and never went back. From mussel cars to hot rods, I've tasted a bit of each realm. Lately my nephew and I are into RC airplanes. I've never revisited hobbies I've left... Then...

Last weekend a 13 y/o neighborhood surfer kid asked me out of the blue if I had any weed eaters I wanted to get rid of. After careful consideration, I decided to give him one my ex-GF left behind since I bought an electric one for my small weed patch and don't really need gas. Soon he's picking through my pile of old bikes looking for book racks and stuff to mount his new motor on his bike. He found some goofy looking gear shifter levers with huge knobs I let him have that are goose neck mounted. He thought they just looked cool.

All of the sudden I remember my old 12" Beaver chain saw I haven't used since I bought some 18" automatic oilers and next I'm doing search engine stuff for tutorial sites and youtubes on chain saw and weed eater conversions LOL

OMG I've turned into a teenager again! I'm having a ball "reinventing the wheel" with this kid. He and my nephew sleep over when he comes. I can't wait to see what they come up with. But you realize the war is on! It's the teens against the Old Fart!

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