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Default Re: Someone told me this- is it true

2 stroke boat motors are a thing of the past. many lakes wont let them on. pollution going into the water thru the exhaust and all. all you can find is 4 stroke outboards now. i havent seen a 2 stroke lawnmower in ages.

the California Air Resources Board is constantly going above and beyond the point of stupidity. they are an unchecked Fascist bureaucracy.

it is true that 2 strokes can made fairly clean, but the cost in the small engine dept will probably mean they will fade away, like the rotary engine, you just can't make them as clean as 4 stroke. the 3 horse briggs & straton is gone, have you seen the larger 6+ HP's? this is because of smog regulations. they can get the larger 4 strokes to burn cleaner.

i believe a chain saw must stay 2 stroke because it has no float bowl and can run in any angle. so hopefully chainsaws with clutches will always be available.

have hope, maybe they will have 4 stroke weedeaters with 6 hp soon hahaha
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