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Arrow Re: Is This the Fountain of Youth?

Originally Posted by Uncle Salty View Post
... us old guys always win the war even when we lose the battle...
I'm not so sure Unk lol

When I was in Boy Scouts the adults were put to shame more than once. When you have 8 or so young'ns workin on a project, you have input from several families and skills to boot!

When I became an adult leader I found out the same was still in force lol. I have been a shade tree mechanic all my life, worked in a truck shop as well. It doesn't seem to matter how much wisdom I bring to the table, a teenager can solve a problem faster than me when it comes to one on one. If I call in all my resources I might squeak out ahead. I think it goes back to that old adage "No one told him he can't do that yet". hehe

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