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Hey out there, it looks to me like we're on the same page, My eyes are bleeding from reading this forum the past few days, First and foremost I intend to make this Priveledge that we are allowed as socially acceptable as possible in my riding area, Therefore I have been an unofficial member of the 20 mph club since before I got my bike registered with the DMV, My first build 3years ago, was a Schwinn point Beach that has never seen the road, My 80cc engine documentation wouldn't allow it to be registered, It has tied front and rear brakes on one handle, upraded whitewalls, (thanks Spooky Tooth), Micargi swept fenders, set back seat post, Painted kit tank,4 Layer hot rod pinstriping stickers on the fenders, courtesey of an autoparts store, Flipped handlebars,and a speedo, MY Daily driver is a 79 Schwinn- Limited Edition Cruiser, with a cut down windshield left over from the 85 Goldwing I hit a 8 point buck on, a black bike with whitewalls, fenders from the point beach, bolted and zip tied too,springer from the micargi, rear wire baskets that were a freebie, 49cc engine from zoom, and a moped registration from Michigan, The motor ran it's first season mounted on a Prince racer 10 speed, It was my estimation that this bike was originally built for the country of it's origin 35 years ago or so,and someone liked it so much they brought it over, I can see why, it had a quality level we never see from the big box stores today, I gave it to my son (sans motor) to help him crosstrain in his fitness routine. This site has been visited by me repeatedly over the last three years, you're all good people, and I'm proud to be associated with you--Uncle Salty
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