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After the advice I got here on the forum about the intake manifold leaking I tested mine with starting fluid and found that the gasket was leaking. So while I had it apart I ported the intake and the exhaust manifolds. It made the engine louder and gave me a very smooth idel. More tork at the bottom end, but it hits a wall at 17 to 21mph, like it has a rev limitor on it. But given enough time and stright away it will pick up again at about 22 mpg and run right up to 28 mph. My question is, why the dead spot? I like what the porting has done for the low end, and I can live without the high end because I don't let it rev that high most of the time anyway, but it is strange to me that it hits that point where if it were a four cycle I would say the valves were floating.
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