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Default Re: A whats in your traveling tool box thread?

Originally Posted by fugit View Post
Plus I remember being in the middle of no where Wyoming in a 79 toyota cilica when the car bogged down and died. I looked under the hood and my distributer cap was broken. Just one piece remained about a third of it. I walked back and got the 4 pieces on the highway, duct taped it together and got to the next town.

Duct tape never leave home with out it Thank you Macgyver !
Great thinking......
Back in 1970. I had a 68 Barracuda, and toasted a wheel bearing...On a Sunday no less (all auto parts closed back then). The inner bearing was wielded to the axle, had tools, and took a chisel and hammer, and after my hand was totally swollen I chipped it away, took a file and cleaned the axle. Across the highway, some guy had a junker Chrysler in his yard, and I bought the wheel bearing from him, installed it and what seemed forever working on it, drove off. No cell phones back then. Lasted till I got rid of the car. Let me tell you, it wasn't any easy job.
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