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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

Pedal power is nothing, 1/4HP at best and most any Wally $100 bike will do that for awhile.
Throw 2-3+ HP at them and they balk bad is all I am saying from multiple 1st hand repair issues and a boneyard with a few Huffy's in it.
Just constantly check your back wheel for side to side horizontal movement (hold the frame with 1 hand, try to move the wheel side to side, when it does fix it), and check the 'feel' of how smooth the bearing feels rolling, as well as you motor mount nuts.

Plenty of 1st time builders brag about their $250-$300 BGF motor on a Huffy builds that are awesome, the thing is you just don't see them even 2 month later still bragging for a reason.

All I can keep repeating for your benefit is my post above.
Budget $400 for parts and take the time to build it right and you won't be another of the countless newbies posting 'Help Me!' topics here because they started with crap and there is no magic bullet to fix there mistakes.
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