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my suspension term is over in about 40 days now so as long as I keep it simple and safe I should be good as far as the law goes I suppose. I don't have a lot of spare cash for getting a new rim or one of those clampy things that attach to the hub. I was going to jb weld the rear sprocket to the hub after clamping it down with the stock parts to jeep the tork off the spokes for the most part. (I moved to va from cali, I remember back people used to drop bricks off the bridges that went over the freeways. scary **** man) thanks everyone for the help and as soon as these jerkoffs send my replacement motor ill be finished and ready to ride. (I do not recommend buying an SD stinger. horrible customer experience. I wont be doing business with then ever again!) from what I read stingers are the same as the gt5'S wish I knew that beforehand lol. also! has anyone ever stepped up the voltage on these motors to run 12v lights? was just a thought.
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