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Your username is pretty close to mine. :/ The bike looks good! Is that tape i see on the muffler? My original muffler got a broken end cap mounting stud pretty fast. Probably because i was running 16:1 and 20:1 which meant i had to clean up the puddle of oil collecting in the end cap after almost every ride. Whats with the weird engine head? better cooling? I envy your front suspension (my bike has none), and i like the color of your bike, it matches the gas tank well. My bike is a suprisingly non-girly shade of purple with a black gas tank and muffler (gray colored engine). Speaking of mufflers, if yours breaks or is broken already...There are mufflers for sale on Including a pair of 3 mufflers for $45 with free shipping (in U.S. at least).
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