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Default A whats in your traveling tool box thread?

Ok im still kinda new so hope no one did this thread topic already and hope there is an interest Kinda cool helps newbies stimulates the ol noggin too

Mine is a work in progrees but:

01.) Coleman mini multi tool with light.
02.) Assorted Metric Wrenches
03.) Master Links/Half Links
04.) 4 inches of chain
05.) spark plug
06.) Misc Allen wrenches
07.) several misc small screw drivers
08.) Small socket set
09.) small amsoil bottle
10.) A few rags
11.) Little screw top glass bottles of grease and anti sieze.
12.) Travekling first aid kit
13.) Spare washers, bolts, nuts, and carb idle screw.
14.) Spare Batteries
15.) Spoke wrench
16.) Clutch/Throttle cable (wire only)
17.) Black RV sealant (small tube)
18.) Carb O-ring
19.) Duct Tape
20.) Gorilla Super Glue
21.) Nail Hardener
22.) Small cable stop brass thing for clutch wire
23.) Fuel Line, Fuel Filter
24.) Zip Ties
25.) Misc small clamps
26.) Bailing wire
27.) Pocket Knife
28.) Patch kit
29.) rubber strips cut from innertube

All this goes into my dedicated handle bar bag. Solvents are kept in double ziplocked bags as are some of the misc parts and I used a nylon drill bit bag to wrap up tools. It may be an overkill but thats how I am Im trying to decide what to put in there for tire flats in addition to patch kit. And I need to find a mini pump or something.
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