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Default Re: WCC SO-CAL Special Frame Build....

Hey Jeff,

You really do some quality work from scratch, I really admire that. You take some straight tube, some metal plate, and turn it into a beautiful flowing machine.

Your welding skills also impress me, I don't really weld, but I've done a little mig welding and I know how easy it is to mess it up. You don't mess it up at all, clean stuff. You should be proud.

I have a question about those rims. What are they? They look wider than a worksman, but I don't know much about such stuff, I bought some old worksman rims when I started my first and only build, and I never really looked for another set, I love my worksmans.

Your build is looking super cool to me, but I have one more question. You have a race bike, Iceman has a race bike, and Ryan has a race bike, are you adding racers to Team Wolf? It would be awesome to be on your race team, I think you could dominate the Motorized Bicycle Racing Cicuit for reals.

Anyway, in my book, you da man. I really dig the work that you do.

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