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Default Re: thought id start small...

Originally Posted by startup631 View Post
then the chain got jammed in the front sprocket and i pushed the bike with the clutch on i got the chain out but now the engines not turning over i can pedal it with the clutch off or on with only a slight difference but the motor won't kick the both sprockets are turning what could be the problem? i'd really like to get this thing going again thanks
You shuould not push with clutch ON. You probably broke it completly. Not to worry, was broken anyway - engine should't stop.
Probably, you mounted this kit not well enought. I'd bet, that your both sprockets (front&rear) are not i one straight line ( I mean, chain have to be straight between them, as much as possible.) .

My English is poor, but my knowledge is a bit more reach.
Take off front sprocket cover and send some pics.
Just don't take the pics from a distance of a Mile. Closer look will be much more helpfull.

Sprocket, may be no longer a part of the engine.
Don't be surprised, if it just simply fall down along with the chain.
It's chinese made, everything may happen.


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