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Default Re: Started by Necessity, Now I'm addicted.

I rode her to work for the first time today. All was well on the trip there, except I'm having bogging problems which I know are a result of vibration causing the fuel to froth up. (When the fuel line isn't totally full, I can actually see the fuel in the line turning to foam.)

On the way home, the bogging problem went away temporarily. Man, oh man! The speed was incredible! I had a feeling that I shouldn't go that fast yet, but I kept pushing her. I had almost reached what I believed to be top end when the motor completely died. I looked down to see the spark plug wire dangling. The internals of the boot had vibrated out, and the boot would no longer stay on. I held it on for a while until, by an awesome coincidence, I happened to see a massive (3 ft long!) construction grade zip tie on the side of the road. I wrapped that around the entire engine to hold the boot in place. I didn't get 1/2 mile from that fix when my chain fell off! One of the already-bad-when-I-bought-it links gave out. After a bunch of bending and hammering using the two small crescent wrenches I had in my pocket, I was able to patch the chain good enough to last me about two miles of 5-10 mph limping toward the hardware store (which still beat pedaling). It broke in two places this time, about a block from the store. The pedaling wasn't so bad with the chain off. At the store, I purchased a made-in-USA #41 heavy-grade roller chain for $9.99 which was long enough to make two or three bike chains. Using a borrowed hammer and punch, I quickly installed the new chain. I went ahead and added a new plug, and also replaced most of the sprocket bolts (adding lock washers too) while I was there. The bike was at this point running like a dream, ready to make the 2-3 mile trip home. Lo and Behold, the skies opened up their gates, and down came a torrential downpour. Well, I got my "wet-wings" today. I made the trip in near-tsunami rain. (Well, it wasn't raining THAT bad, but it WAS pouring). One thing to consider when riding in the rain - water drops don't feel so good when they hit your eyeballs at 25+ mph. Use eye protection.

On the rain-soaked trip home, the bike still had the bogging at high speed problem, but it made the trip just fine. Tomorrow I'll add some coolant hose rubber to the mounts to absorb the vibration. I may eventually fill the frame with expanding foam if the rubber doesn't help. I know the wood block spacer isn't helping.

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