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Default Re: Started by Necessity, Now I'm addicted.

BTW, the muffler was effectively useless when it arrived. The internals were in a bag, and were mostly crushed during shipment. Instead of trying to fix what was already a cheap muffler, I bought a $2 lawn mower tube muffler, which was about 1/8" shy of the inner diameter of the muffler pipe. I wrapped it in steel wool to make up the difference in diameters, and then screwed the bottom plate on the muffler. The volume dropped to a very acceptable level, and I did the install right in the parking lot of the store. Easy as pie. The thing was so loud with open pipes that, well, I'm sure lots of you know. I guess I should post my muffler fix method to the appropriate thread, but I think it's appropriate here as I'm simply discussing the beginning of this new hobby of mine.
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