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Default Re: Started by Necessity, Now I'm addicted.

My engine kit came in a few days ago. I bought it used on the bay for just about the cost of a new one. The shipping time was only a few days, and I figured at least I'd get one that's been tested. The previous owner of the kit had to know very little about mechanics. There were no washers on anything, except there were washers BETWEEN THE INTAKE MANIFOLD AND THE BLOCK!!! I mean, there was a visible gap between the block and the manifold!!! Luckily it was an easy fix. The packing wasn't so good, so the tank arrived dented, the motor had a broken cooling fin, and the muffler was in pieces (all the guts of the pipe were in the bag with it). The chain had some bad links, and had obviously jumped off of the guys bike a few times. The kit took me about four hours to install. There were lots of missing bolts, so I had to go through my stash to find suitable replacements.

I had no instruction manual to use, and didn't feel like going up and down the stairs to check on here, so I did it all by what made sense. I even wired it up correctly on the first try. After pedaling only about two rotations of the crank, I popped the clutch, and she fired right up. Sadly, the chain immediately jumped off, bending a few spokes and breaking one. Then the clouds opened up and it rained for two hours. I was so disappointed. Later that night, I went down and straightened everything out and aligned everything by the light of a small lamp post. Pedaled about five or ten feet, and . . . RING PING PING PING PING, VROOOOOOOOOOM!!!! I was flying around the apartment complex at about 25mph. I've already put about 50 miles on it. I'm a joy rider. I ride my bikes just for the fun of it, and I ride whenever I have free time, so this bike will see some miles.
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