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Default Re: my bike was stolen!

Got my bike back! It not in too bad condition. The air filter is missing and I think some dirt got sucked in because we've been having wet weather lately. I will take apart the manifold and carb to see how much dirt is in it. And the gas tank is leaking a ton. He says he put some gas in it, and he said he put oil in it. I guess he's not a total dumba$$$. He claims that he wasn't trying to steal it, but I think he just got scared about going to jail. I need him to pay about $50 for the tank, air filter, and the spark plug boot. And something is wrong with the throttle, its hard to pull and feels gritty. If he pays for the damage, then I will think about not pressing charges. Also, he put regular gas in it so the engine might be damaged.
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