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Default Re: I ride to work but i always ride for fun. how about you!

Originally Posted by dragray View Post
yeah i understand all that, but were these engines originally built in china way back then?
they are a russian design, and possibly, were assembled with far better parts and more precision than they are now.
just my opinion...I wouldn't put my trust in a $100.00 engine to get me back & forth to work every day.
My job is far too important to be worried about my bike breaking down on the way to work.
I just ride mine for fun and that's it.

Russia is not exactly known for their quality engineering or manufacturing either. China may very well be better, actually.

Also, a doesn't a motorized bicycle break down in the same sense as an escalator? Even if it stops working, they STILL work! With a little bit of manpower, that is. Let's see your car do that!
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