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Default Re: Direct Drive Tahiti-NX3 direct drive.. just say no

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Thank you for the informative post, KCVale!
Very helpful information.

It's a very nice looking build.
Probably goes to show almost anything is possible to motorize.
The question you answer is, Why? If something else is easier...

GREAT post!
Thanks rusty, you got the point of the topic, why pick a bike that will be hard if not impossible with so many other options?

This 'disaster' was adverted (to my advantage by the way) but I have the resources to do it with another cool build, most everyone else is just building themselves a single bike that needs to go without these types of problems.

I started out reading these forums and gained a vast amount of advice before I ever built my 1st bike from those that came before me.
I still consider that a debt to repay with my help for those that are coming behind me, and maybe even some new tips for those with much more experience than I have so far ;-}
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