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Default General Questions moving past a novice in hobby

Answer only one question or answer only two or answer as many as ya like if you will......If you have an idea or suggestion and its only addresses one question below please have at it!

So after a few months of getting acquainted with my new hobby and getting a feel for the 66CC stock motor I have several general questions or ideas I would like to have input on if some of you guys don’t mind:

1.) I live on the Coast in Oregon it rarely gets over 70 here. The temperature ranges between 55 degrees and 65 degrees year round. Our humidity is always high and we are at sea level. I have been using a BP6HS NGK spark plug. Is there any advantage to going to a BP5 or BP7? If so why?

2.) Given that these kits vary so much that if someone built 5 of the same kits on the same bikes (stock assuming no air leaks) each would vary just a bit regarding Air/Fuel/Oil consumption and ratios. Is it safe to assume once you have a stock set up dialed in (within an acceptable working range) “as best as possible” that one could alter the oil/gas ratio to improve combustion processes? Or, in other words, can I use that idea of dialing in oil/gas ratio to optimize combustion?

3.) If the expansion mufflers work in producing more horse power why wouldn’t the booster bottles do the same thing assuming you could “dial” them in?

4.) Using the stock gaskets that come with the kit couldn’t you use copper gasket spray on all of them to improve the sealing ability and longevity?

5.) Is it wise to use sea foam to keep engine piston cleaner? Would it be ok to use low amounts regularly or better to just use quantity recommended to clean once and awhile?

6.) What is the top one, two, or three issues regarding safety when using the bike regularly that has come up for those who have owned these bikes/motors over long periods of time. I do not mean road safety (driving and traffic) I mean more in regard to mechanical or structural failures of bike/motor that could endanger safety.

7.) I have set one up already but dont want to miss something SO what tools/supplies for on the road repairs do you carry or recommend?

Thanks in advance….

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