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Default Re: Hi ! noob here

Welcome, if looking for a 2cycle (HT) engine.....

These are some of "MY" thoughts......

Buying a (Happy Time) Chinese 2 cycle kit.

1.There are many sellers of these kits, both from different vendors and on Ebay.
2.Most sellers don’t have a warranty, or back up the stated warranty. Very few do.
3.Do a search as to the ones that are reputable, many different complaints from a number of suppliers.

4.Don’t expect to build a motorized bicycle bike for much less then a minimum of $200.00 plus the bike cost. To me cost wasn't the factor. I’m riding with the same engine since 2009 ($126.00), it was the cheapest I could find. Wasn’t sure how I’d like it, and built before I joined the forum. I did my own modifications. Later on the subject.
5.These kits are NOT installed and ride. Expect to make some modifications for longevity.
6.For the most part, these kits are all about the same. It’s a roll of the die.

7.Just about every possible question about this engine has been asked, diagnosed and answered. A search will find that your questions have been covered many times over. Can’t find it? Sometimes it’s hard to find. Just ask. Pictures are a great help, this goes along with a detailed question, and not just “Help?????” Personally I don’t know what a “thingy is” (does anyone?) here is a site that list parts by name. This should help; it did for me as some names of parts are specific to these kits. Thank you
8.We also have stickies that cover just about everything about all motorized bicycle builds.
They are a good source of information.

9.Stay away from “Chrome” painted engines if possible as these engines are air cooled and “BLACK” dissipates the heat better, all mine are either black, or no finish at all.
10.Take your time building, and you will have a safer, better ride. I've worked on engines for the past 50 years, I took 16 hours (2 days each build) to build ours. I could of thrown it together in a few hours. But it would be junk.
After building, while breaking it in, I suggest a fuel mixture of 20:1 to start with, not 16:1 as the book states…if you even get one. Here is the manual. Thank you
11.Here are the modifications “I” make. Pick out what you want is any.

We are all here to help, have a ball and a safe ride.
Looking for HT's parts?
HT pre instillation tips.
Engine running problems?
HT breakdown Photos

Ron ><)))))*> Calera, Alabama

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