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Originally Posted by flmotorbikes View Post
Is that the expansion chamber from kings motor bikes
No, I get those 'big enough' 1-piece pipes from here

The other smaller 'fat boy' pipe I tried on a couple of bikes was a joke, it just is not long enough to even get past the BB among other fitting problems like getting past the pedals.

Even the big pipe can have that fit problem depending on the bike size and how high you have to mount the motor (lower is always better). I find just 'vertical obloging' the mounting holes with a drill will give you some lateral movement to tuck it in better.

.. Dave31...
Macargi does make bikes that will hold up to a motor very well.
That's a lot of Pantera's, I like the big heavy solid bike feel of them too.

The Tahati 3S is the same bike but with a 3-speed rear.
I made a topic about not trying to direct drive them, but JS one like a Pantera just with an internal 3-speed.

I can bump my Pant/Tahiti Shifter build count up two more now though.

There are 3 new big Macargi bikes in here in various stages of completion from finishing touches to a stock bike.

I am still wrestling with customer desires of look, quality and actual performance practicality with this one.

Sure, this almost done mostly informed customer supplied parts delivered to me for the build are all nice on their own, they don't all play well together

The 2012 Pantera's have forward cranks now, dandy and comfortable and the new thing for a direct drive but a nightmare for jackshafting, and his exhaust choice... hehehe.

No biigie like the Tahiti 3S that won't take a direct drive sprocket almost just as challenging. Fine with me other than the lost $/time labor factor, I live for practical innovation with these things when I can ;-}
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