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Default Re: Engine sprocket puller/Chain rubbing tire

Originally Posted by Greengabbard View Post
I'm going to post a question that I've read about several times. Sorry for asking again, but I'd like to get another take on it. My circumstances are my own and they may change the answers. I have a Micagi Rover with the 3 speed Shimano internal shifter. I have installed an SD Stinger and the associated Rag Mount (I had to have a larger hole machined into the sprocket to get it to fit). Now the chain is super close to the tire (touches just ever so slightly). I am planning on moving the engine sprocket out the thickness of a washer and seeing if that will do the trick. My trouble is that I don't have one of those mystery tools (sprocket puller) that comes in some of the kits. Does anyone have an extra that they'd sell me? Or are there any other options?*
1) is the sprocket flat?
2) is the sprocket like a dish.
3) if dished, how do you have it mounted, dish out (flat side to wheel), or in?
4) You can get the tool from a number of vendors,
5) I have a extra, not for sale, but I will loan them out.
6) before moving the small sprocket out (might be too close to the cover), I think I'd move the wheel sprocket, but I'd have to see for myself.
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