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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Who did you get your kit from ? LiveFastMotors on eBay

Was it shipped in a timely manner? Took 2 weeks to get to me, it was shipped 5 days after the order was placed and paid for. I was waiting on pins and needles wanting to get it installed whilst I watched the summer fade into fall.

Was the kit complete and boxed right? yes. There was no item list in box, so I assumed there would be mounting nuts and bolts for the sprocket, The kit didn't come with that but LFM offered me a 44 tooth sprocket (kit came with a 48) for the cost of shipping. Everything was shipped and sent before I had confirmed payment via paypal. I received that in 2 days!

the bargain basement kit comes with some standard items that will need upgrading- clutch handle (seriously does anyone run one of these crappy handles- thing feels like it's going to pop open at any time), 5 hole sprocket, throttle and muffler.

Did you receive good friendly service? Yes, see above, they bought a long time customer through the service.

Did you have any problem's, did the dealer take care of your problems? see above yes

What motor did you get? Is it what you thought it would be? I bought what was advertised on eBay as a 55cc. The box was labeled 70 and the engine has a label that says 88cc. I assume it is a 48 or 49cc. the engine has that hole in the side wall of the head but runs fantastic. It was covered in a yellowish film, that when I sprayed it with carb cleaner and Mrs Meyers (clean fresh scent) it washed right off. Also the magneto, clutch and other covered were a very dull gray aluminum. I was able to polish them pretty easily, with my dremel. The metal does not polish evenly though, metal has different densities...

Any advice for a newbie looking for a dealer?
If you want a cheap engine backed by excellent customer service LFM is great. I think it's a great motor for getting into this hobby. When I'm deeper in I'll consider getting a "better" motor. But I'm very happy with this bargain basement motor. I'll report back when I have more miles on the engine.
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