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Default Re: gas/oil

It is my opinion a small two stroke engine should be broken in easily.
Roll the throttle on, ease it off. Always vary the rpm. Never go WOT.
Avoid a heavy load, back off and allow it to cool from time to time.
Let it warm up, shut it off and allow to cool down.
Re-torque head bolts and such.

Increase your loading and speed over a period of time.

These are very small engines, and we expect a lot from them.
You should be able to tell when it is running well/ running free.
Or, you shall learn!

Listen to the engine.
There's noise, and then there's NOISE!
It's important to learn the difference and not hammer the engine when it's making a lot of noise from breaking in. They will settle in and quiet down a tad once they get broken in.

Pay attention for excess heat being generated.
If it seems too hot slow down, and maybe even shut it off after a low power cooling run.

Don't sit at idle with a new engine.
They need cooling air flowing by the head and cylinder.

All this is MY opinion.

There are others who feel they can/should be broken in hard and fast.

Good luck
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