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ok got my bike runnnnin sofar but i have a slight problem im not gettin the same power than i was before. befor i was using a 16/1 on breakin then a 20/1 then piston had got gashes in it got a new one the looked up on here and found to use 20/1 to break in so i am now two tanks now ready to use ??/1 so if u could tell whats the deal that im not gettin as much as i was before. see im doing like 22 mayb if that on level road and b4 was 35 on level. and one more thing is i have a small leak coming from my motor right near that very bottom screaw i was thinking about puttin some jb weld on it just alittle bit?..and is that a good source on y im not gettin up to par'''as b4 or is it both{nedd other mixture and leak} or just mixture or leak i fu could let me know please and remember be sure to get cha a good {bowl} of weediez