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Default Re: It Works!!!!!

it really is addicting. i couldnt sleep the night that i started it up. i couldnt wait til the break of dawn just to tinker and run it a little more. ive been breaking in the engine 10 minutes on and 10 off and then pulling it back into the garauge tinkering and tuning. only been around the block with it. its getting smoother and smoother now and starts pretty easy except on cold mornings.
tomarrow im going to my local DMV and getting it registered because the cops around here are a little uptight. but im hoping to take it off the block and venture to work with it tomarrow. its a 3 mile run and fairly flat land. i live in the san francisco bay area so the streets are full of cops and i dont want to take a chance but i cant wait.
honestly this is such an awesome hobby and i love going to bed with greesy hands that wont clean-up! haha!
wish me luck for tomarrow!
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