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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Well, we made significant progress on the tank today. We experimented some with sealing up the acorn nuts with solder. Dan tried paste flux with both 50/50 solder and also 60/40 acid core and found that the acid core seemed to work better. Even so, the soldering was rough going with the nickle plated acorn nuts in spite of the plating being ground away. If you look at the photo of the bottom showing two acorn nuts and the petcock you can see how much better the solder laid down on the brass petcock than the nickel acorn nuts. Same solder, same torch and heat. Our conclusion is that we'd have done better using brass acorn nuts and solder. True, we couldn't have tack welded the nuts with brass, but a good solder job should be strong enough. Either way, we're confident that the nuts are sealed up. If we're wrong then there's always tank sealer to save the day.

With that done Dan marked the cut off line and trimmed the bottom piece to length. I tack welded it to the rest of the tank and clamped it for a snug fit, moving the clamp along as I went. And now the tank is together. I will grind the tacks smooth as on the top piece. Then it is time to fill in the gaps between the tacks. The welder is now packed up for the trip to Minnesota and after I'm home and settled I'll get to work welding the tank up, checking for leaks until I have it leak free. That's the plan anyway.

Today was the season's last shop session. Saturdays at the Tinsmith's shop has been the highlight of my winter. I've learned a lot and now have two great gas tanks, a copper one for the Indian Hiawatha and now a bullet proof steel one for the Panther. Thank you, Dan!
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