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Default Re: Hello from the Chicago burbs

Originally Posted by Mufasa View Post
Hey Kevin,
I am Mufasa from the Southburbs. I've had mine since 2010 but now geeting ready to install a second motor. The other motor had real thin head bolts that eventially over time of tightening them daily one finally striped inside the motor. I'm keeping the motor to fix and put on a 2nd dairy bike. But the new motor has a slant head and larger bolts. I use mine to commute to work 22 miles each way. And I have a 29" bike.
There is a reason why the cylinder studs stripped...they need to be changed out on both. Change them and unless you gorilla tighten them they won't strip. Use proper torque..on 6mm--60 INCH POUNDS, on 8mm 120 to 150 INCH POUNDS.
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