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Default Re: What else do I need for the install?

Originally Posted by DrewFL View Post
I know the JB won't hold any of that. It looks like I will have to extract it. Do you know of any good links on how to do this the right way? I have seen it done but never have attempted it myself. Also, what size easy out and drill bit will I need?
1) Remove engine, hard to work on while installed. I'd remove the cylinder. I made a jig to use in my drill press. This will work for both exhaust and intake studs.

I use 6mm X 1.0 long studs in the intake to hold cylinder in place. The cut away on the bottom is for the washer and nuts.
2) Take a center punch and punch stud as close to the center as you can.
3) I'd start out with a 1/16" drill bit, and move up. Work slow as the smaller the drill bit, the easier it can snap. Use cutting oil, or just oil if that's all you have. I have cutting oil, it's the best.
4) Then I'd use a "left handed" drill bit to see if that would work.
5) Drill as large as a hole that you can, paying attention to the angle of the hole. Drill a straight hole.
6) Use the biggest screw extractor that you can.
7) Tab extractor into the hole.
8) Turn extractor same as you were removing a bolt or stud (counter clockwise).
9) You might want to use a little liquid wrench or PB Blaster before trying to remove the stud.
10) If it won't come out.
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