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Default Re: debunking myths about walmart bikes

I personally would not ride on of these motorbicycles in the traffic like a moped, I would keep riding it like a bicycle, if you get in on the street wont you need proper lights, turn signals, Motorcycle endorsed drivers licence and registration?

traffic is the reason I dont ride my bike to certain areas.

Originally Posted by stevenflintrichards View Post
hello my name is steven i am new i built a bike last weekend on a huffy nel lusso , i am not an engineer but the solid steel rack that is in the bike rack the one that slides in and out well i took that out of the bike and have had no problems top speed 38 mph so far .i need brakes i have reinforced the coaster but id like to ride with traffic like on a moped so soon ill get brakes till then its just my lil put around .
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