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Default Re: Heres the bike I chose..

Im sure it will, but not 700 dollars.
muhahahah really Thats easy to go over lol..

But I agree building it is all the fun plus you know and learn the important stuff and get aquanted with all the intimate details.

I went over 700 on my first bike Manic Mechanic Sprocket adapter, sprocket, and chain, then aluminum motor mounts, upgraded manifold. Kevlar reinforced tires, seat shock absorber, topeak bike rack, lights, kreem lined tank Got to 700 quick.

My second bike about the same maybe a tad more ( all of the above) add with rear caliper brakes,mirror, speedometer, center kick stand 860 i think or close.

3rd bike Oh boy All of the above and add the Monark 2 springer forks, racing carb, front caliper brakes too, better brake pads, and SBP expansion muffler..hahahahahah 1200 oh boy...

I sold first bike and did second, got second sold going to build third...

Surf shop wants me to build one for them too for their showroom but it will be basic and around 480.00 cost.

But this is so much fun I cant help myself.

The most fun I have is the response from people. getting flagged down to talk about bike, waves, thumbs up, girls always scream " I love your bike", and neighbors checking it out. A very social hobby!
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