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Wink Motorized bicycle in Malaysia

Hi Everyone,

I had build my motorized bicycle from a kit I bought from ZBox. There were some really big challenges building this bike. Difficult to get the frame, then the suspension fork with disc brake with 1" steer tube. But after a month, I was able to 'complete' it. I do still have plans to further modify it, and it would be in my next post. Don't have the $$$ yet, but I plan to go to Shaft-drive/ chainless motorized bicycle.

I used my motorized bicycle going to work, about 20 kms away, rain or shine, so I really need the disc brakes, caliper is just useless in wet conditions. Takes me about 45 minutes to get there. I build the bike more for necessity, because the public transport is so poor here. Takes 2 hours if I use bus and train, because the bus needs to go all the way to the city for me to get the train. Taxis and cabbies? Forget it! they're the worst here. And if I have a car, there's road tax and license to worry about, renewing every year.

I burned my first engine after 4 months of operation of daily use. I think it was the intake gasket leak and using too much synthetic oil. I had to pedal 10 kms back home with a heavy bicycle, took me about an hour, with frequent breaks to energize. I'm on my second engine and hoping that this could at least last a year. I also have a Goped Riot, trying to study and combine the Goped engine into my motorized bicycle using the chain drive with jack shaft.

Using my motorized bicycle on the road do make a lot of heads turn, and it's a great conversation subject. And I think I'm the only who has something like this here. One time there was this one guy who took a photo of me while he was driving his car and made a sign of thumbs up. It was heavy traffic, so I was able to overtook him, and give a thumbs up sign back.

It's great to be here.

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