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Default Re: Well there it is - built!

Originally Posted by Nitrohorse View Post
There's a reason you had a heck of a time getting it together.

I'm very selective on what I ride and who had their hands in building it.
I've seen the gambit on here from well engineered bikes to cobbled pieces of junk.
My unwavering belief is that if you can't assemble the kit correctly and re-engineer parts to make them work properly, you probably shouldn't be riding your finished product.
If I couldn't figure out how to make the throttle work, I'm man enough and mature enough to know that I shouldn't be riding the bike for my own safety.
If you can't get the simple things right, how are you going to fare with the more difficult aspects? I place a premium on my safety.
I raced drag bikes in my younger days. There was no room for error or learning to get it right. I guess that carried me through life.
Know your limitations or live to regret them.
Blimey Nitrohorse. You make sense. I'm disabled and travel by mobility scooter, but these things are limited in range. The idea was for greater mobility, but in truth the problems have soured things a good bit.

My son has suggested I fit the engine to the scooter instead, but I'll pass on that idea.

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