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Default Re: Researching for the best motorized bicycle kits

Originally Posted by BumbleBeeBoltOn View Post
Ya if you have a chinese kit you probally wil need a spare engine. If you have a bumblebeebolton you will get 3,000 miles with out any problems. you will have to change ur drive wheel at a 1,000 miles but thats one bolt its easy..The bumble bees dont have all those parts to break and go wrong( like a clutch or gears). I have 5,000 miles on mine and have never been left along side the road. AMERICAN MADE!!!!! Ya!!1 Check em out! I swear by mine. they are just so simple theres nothing to bust or break theres a drive wheel and the engine thats it no more parts..nice and you guys with those chinese kits i hope your mechanical used to ride one ( a chinese kit) till it broke down and i seen a guy riding a bumblebeebolton around..
Not everyone wants a friction drive, so what may be good for you isn't for others....
And if you are not mechanically inclined you probably shouldn't set out to build a motorized bicycle in the first place IMHO....

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