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Default New ride

Want to thank all the guys and gals here for all the input they gave me while I asked stupid questions. Tom had to put the pics on site and greatly appreciated. I tinkered with it for most of the day riding, adjusting, cooling etc. in general breaking it in. I have never had so much fun ,ever. Highly addictive and going to start another and make it even better. I am quite amazed at the performance the little China girl puts out. Believe me the speed is quite adequate for me, don't want to go any faster. Here in this small town I have had people just stop walking and look. The mayor even pulled into the driveway and oh and ah over it with questions. I can see riding it uptown is going to be interesting. I could go on but the satisfaction of that little thing purring down the road and to think ,,,,, I did this ,,,,is really the best. More to come and more tweaking too.

One question after getting carried away, should you run the engine with the fuel off until it stops or will just shuting it off enough? gphil
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