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Default Re: Proper Break-in and Making your engine last.

I started that "Definitive" thread hoping I would get a lot of the experts to voice their opinions in one place. Unfortunately it seems to have fizzled out. I did the 10 minute idle on first startup followed by only very short hops (under 3 miles) for the first 50 or so miles. For me that was easy since I live close to my work and just used the bike to commute. I've now done a couple of longer 8 to 10 mile type trips with my cruiser and had no problem and even went over 100 niles today! So I think slow and easy is the ticket. I live in town so I don't really want to open it up as fast as it will go. Anyway feel your way along and if you think something doesn't sound/feel right then back off and check it out. I suspect if treated with a little respect these engines will give you a lot of miles of riding, they just need to be pampered a bit. Good luck!
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