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Default Re: Hello from the Chicago burbs

hey Kevin, I have been running the slant head 66cc/80cc 2 stroke for a year now. i'm no pro by any means on these motors. but i have been very satisfied with mine. It has been a very reliable motor. I did do some work to it right out of the box, just cleaned up the transfer ports a little bit.i did not split the case because i dont have the right tools to do that. I probably have around 400 miles on it now and it still runs good.
For what it is( a very crude 2 stroke) in my opinion you cant beat it. just make sure you get the one with the bearings in it. i know some just have bushings in them. keep the head nuts tight and the carb clean and you will have plenty of fun with it... Just my 2 cents. Cheers J
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