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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today? 2x4 hipster bike

That's crazy! Someone asked me about my motorized bicycle a couple days ago. At first I thought he was serious, but he wanted to put a friction drive on his crummy BMX with 1 out-of-whack brake. I told him I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. He said, well what if I just buy the motor thing and do it myself? I told him I couldn't stop him, but I don't think he should since he can't even fix his bike now. He started talking in some kind of wigger rap lingo, so I just left him alone. Weird!

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Got my Clutch Roller from Al.Fisherman installed. One finger pull is the "Cat's Pajamas", truly silky. Thanks Ron!

(disregard the carb, I'm working on a new intake)

Oh, and someone stopped by to get something he "built"(ie slapped together) running... friggin thing was a death trap. I warned all I could, but he didn't want to listen. Some lessons are better learned the hard way.

Things like:
he had no clutch disengagement- cable not tight enough
carb slide was backwards-stuck at wot,
no kill switch! with the above 2!!
His cdi was fried either out of the box, or by backwards wiring...

I got him as safe as I could, fixed the issues above, sold him a spare cdi and it fired right up. Felt sick as he drove away thinking he can "build" like anyone...

He's lucky it didn't start when he tried it, as his brakes were crap too...

Scary what some people think they can ride...
Know what I mean?

Snuck that pic when he was in the can

1" roller Dax Friction Drive and Tanaka 3300 with mods.

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