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Default Re: Proper Break-in and Making your engine last.

Originally Posted by Cr9ck View Post
I remember reading a post that Thatsdax did about breakin. It read something like 10min on and 10 min off for the engine for the first 30miles and then something like 50% throttle (or low throttle) for the first 400-500miles.

he also recommended never going full throttle down hills if you want to

Also a 20:1 mixture during that time. I have a 50cc thatsdax kit and my bike will be up and running soon. If anyone remembers the post Im referring to please link.

Also I would love everyones input on whats safe and what isn't. Do i really need to break it in for 4-5 hundred miles???

for break-in procedures go here (didn't look around too well did I?): (although its not really definitive yet)

I would still like some tips for making the engine last.
in my opinion 4-500 miles seems a bit excessive, i think 100-150 miles will be just fine, You can go full throttle just not for extended periods of time, naturally you want to see what your new motor kit can do, so if i were you i would get at least 30 miles logged before i "see what it can do" but just 1 or 2 times. if you buy a bell speedo it wont work with your stock plug wire, go to the auto parts store and get yourself a single plug wire and replace your stock cheapo wire with it. DO NOT REMOVE IT unless you have the replacement wire on hand. The old wire unscrews from the CDI/ignition coil like a screw (believe it or not but it does) and you install the new one the same way.
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