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Default Re: My first cruiser build.

Well, I went on my first long cruise Monday, it did not go so well. The Motor ran great, the bike was the problem. First off, My rear brake cable busted, then my back fenders mounts broke and fell off, so I put it in my backpack and kept riding. Then my front fender broke all of it's mounts, put that into my backpack. I figured that would happen. I made sure everything was tight before I rode off, and I also made sure to use plastic washers to dampen vibration, I also used some tractor tire tube to go between my tank and bike as well as some rubber tire bits to go into my fins. The vibration was hardly noticeable. I was on my return trip back home when I was about 6 miles away when my rear bike tire blew out the sidewall, but it looked more like a gash. I was on nice smooth road. I need to find some thicker tires for this thing, even though these tires were brand spanking new. I was lucky enough to ride by a "your Speed" sign and it said I was going 36 on flat land. My speedo at the same time said 35. I still had fun on my trip though, it was a 20 mile there, 20 miles back ride and at least it went 34 of the miles. No more fenders for me until I make me some sturdier ones. Here is what it looked like an hour before my trip.
I have to take a pic of it now, but I am at work right now, so, not till later today.
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