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Default Re: Direct Drive Tahiti-NX3 direct drive.. just say no

Originally Posted by Ibedayank View Post
ok what failed and do you know why...detailed pics might be able to solve it
The detailed pics are above.
The rag joint sprocket mount interferes with the 3-speed hubs ability to spin at it's brake arm to hub pivot point.

Unlike a coaster that just has a nut on the axle against a bearing behind the brake arm, the brake arm and the entire 1 7/8" 'dust cover' end piece are on piece, and compressing a sprocket on it won't let the actual hub spin free.

The customer insists on a 3-speed so I went to Maniac Maniac's site to get a hub mount sprocket on it's way only to find they only go up to 1.77" hub size, I need 1.875" to fit that hub.

I e-mailed Jim a couple of times but no reply yet so I may just end up having to make this a free jackshaft job unless I can talk him into swapping his Tahiti bike for a 7-speed Pantera, same bike, just different drives and a rag sprocket will work fine on that.
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