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Default Re: ok... now what

read this forum and ask plenty of questions before performing any modifications to your motor kit, unless you Know what your doing 100% without question.

I just went through **** because of something stupid that i did during a modification, but ultimately made my motor bike better, and more enjoyable.

when you see the police kill the motor and pedal, if they are driving just pedal and slow down a bit.

if its a bolt that broke don't stress you can get replacement bolts locally for less than a dollar, just take it with you to a good auto parts store (pepboys, autozone, advance auto parts dont count as good, should be a place that supply the local repair shops they will have more knowledge of what your asking for) and tell them you want grade 6 or better to replace it.

if its the aluminum spacer, than you will have to get creative and make something better and more reliable (what i would do) or go to ebay and search for boygofast he sells replacement parts fairly cheap.

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