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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Nope no big bulky 4 strokes for me. The 50cc class one would not be powerful enough for what I am spoiled with now. I can't stand J shafts anymore and got bored the H.T.. They all all great motors. It's what ya make of them..And a big ol harbor freight motor would be Kewl as all get go! The law here says it is not a moped after 50cc. I saw the light me got's everything I need! 4 Morini's life is good.

Farming on mars lol that's what my garden has turned out to be this year.

I know what ya mean about the clutch but I got a handle on it. There is no such thing as I can't in my vocabulary.

Those fenders look sweet! Killer I like the way the whole bike came out!
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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