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Default Re: Honda GXH50 electric start

Originally Posted by Jetenginethrust View Post
Yes I do realize the amount of weight I'll add & I don't think it will be much at all by using a small pocket scooter type battery & small starter & ring gear.Whats a few pounds more on a bike that has an engine?You don't have to peddle much.I have carried stuff that weighs more than 50 lbs on one of my bikes in a front mounted basket with no problem & with no engine.I have a small 43cc 2 stroke from a pocket bike with electric start I am thinking about installing on a bike also.I just think it would be really cool & convenient.I don't understand what you mean by parasitic drain the charging stator will have on the engine?The starter will disengage from the ring gear like any other starter through the bendix gear & return spring.
The weight you add has an accumulative effect on the bike. You haul weight in your basket and then want to add an additional 10-15 pounds on a starter, ring gear, battery, and cables. The point I was trying to make is that for all the extra weight the engine and clutch has to deal with, not to mention the rims and bearings, it's just not worth it..unless being cool to you is of the upmost importance. Bikes were not made to be pack mules. You're adding additional stress to the frame and everything else attached to it. Read some of the posts on here where the simple weight of the engine and the torque caused stress cracks in the frame. But I was just trying to give you something to think about. On second thought, hang whatever you want on the's yours and not mine.

If you're not planning on using a charging system to charge the battery, then forget I mentioned parasitic drain.
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